Hunter Forsyth

Hi! I make games and other software. Here you can find some of my work.   |

Galaxy Trader

A peaceful, space exploration and resource trading game. Coming soon to Android.

ReactionLab 2

A popular 8-bit particle sandbox game for Android (and formerly iOS). It's inspired by games like 'Falling Sand'.


   Google Play  |  App Store

Better Weather Widget

A lightweight weather widget for Android. It displays the current conditions along with the top photos of your location from Flickr.

   Google Play


A unique puzzle game for Android. Match tiles and plan ahead, over 100 levels to solve.

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Forest Demo

Shoot the skeletons with magic, don't die!
This is a quick demo built with Unity, it's not a complete game. All 3D models and assets are original.

   Download (Windows only, about 50MB)


A desktop widget for Windows. It displays CPU usage as an animated wave, and supports album art display.

   Download  |  You will also need Rainmeter

Stocks for Android Wear

The first standalone stocks app for Android Wear.
Free stock price APIs are harder to come by nowadays, and the app has since been discontinued.

   Google Play

Other Projects

[2016] Tap Tap Bug - HTML5 canvas game for CSC309 at UofT.

[2016] Smarthome Controller - Control Philips Hue from the command line.

[2016] Ghosts & Pac-Man (with Lennox Ho) - Smarter Pac-Man ghosts using various AI techniques.

[2015] ReactionLab 2 Viewer for Pebble - View ReactionLab 2 drawings on a Pebble Smartwatch. Very beta.

[2014] ReactionLab 1 - The original ReactionLab (Android only).

[2012] Curvatron - An HTML5 canvas drawing experiment.

[2012] MeteorCatcher - An experimental HTML5 canvas game.

[2012] Invasion - An experimental HTML5 space game for phones (visit the link on mobile!).